Smart Wireless Remote Control Dimmable Night Light




Easy to install, can be installed anywhere you want.
The remote control allows the lamp to adjust level 2 brightness and time control, turning off the light in 30 minutes wirelessly, up to 15 feet away.
If you install the lamp close,you can control the lamp together. If you install the lamp has one distance, you can control a light independently.
You can also turn the disk light on/off by clicking the switch on the lens on the light.
Powered by AAA battery for wireless installation.
Suitable for kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes, counters, bookshelves, garages, basements or similar dark places where you may need to constantly have strong lighting in minutes.

Material: ABS
Voltage: 4.5V
Lamp size: 90*90*23mm
Brightness: 80-120 Lumens
Color: White, Warm white
Options: 1 controler+1 lamp, 1 controler+3 lamps
Battery: Lamp 3*AAA, Remote control 2*AAA (batteries not included)
Switch Type: Tap or remote control
One remote control can control many lights together
Control Distance: Up to 15 feet
2 easy ways to install: easy-pasting stickers and expansion screws.

Package included(According to your option):
1* controler+1* lamp
1* controler+3* lamps


1 controler+1 lamp, 1 controler+3 lamps


Warm White, White

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